KOH Pit Crew Challenge

Co-Sponsored By: Buggy Whip, Pro Eagle, Raceline & Boxo Tools

Vote for your favorite ULTRA4, Trophy Truck or UTV Racer to compete in the first ever Pit Crew Challenge at King of the Hammers!

You'll be automatically entered to win 2 FREE 2019 KOH WEEK SPECTATOR TICKETS, and you'll receive an exclusive DISCOUNT CODE to use here on Buggy Whip.

Taking place in the heart of Hammertown USA, the challenge will be like no other and exciting to watch as ULTRA4’s top teams attempt at being the fastest in the pit!

The top 3 ranking teams in each race category will compete, PLUS the teams voted in by YOU!

Competition Prizes will be given from each Sponsor for the Ultra4 Classes, T1 Truck and UTV Class.
Winners Receive:
A set of Buggy Whips, a Pro Eagle Jack, a set of Raceline Wheels, and a Boxo Tool Box

Competition will be Tuesday evening Feb 5th in Hammer Town.

VOTE BELOW for who you want to see compete:
UTV Class, T1 Trucks, 4400, 4500, 4600, or 4800