Industrial market vehicles require amplified visibility; Ramona company develops safety whip

Ramona, CA – March 1, 2017– Buggy Whip Inc., makers of the most recognized and requested safety antenna in the world has just released the new LED Buggy Whip, a lighted safety antenna made to reduce accidents and injuries for the need of improved visibility and safety on industrial vehicles in a broad range of vertical markets. Due to the recent surge in demand for innovative safety products, Buggy Whip Inc. engineered the new ‘LED Buggy Whip’.

“The LED Buggy Whip keeps you visible day and night,” said Russell Porter, President of Buggy Whip Inc. “The LED Buggy Whip is made with the highest quality materials and engineered precisely from top to bottom”, said Porter. “It is our goal to not only meet but exceed our customer's expectations”.

The revolutionary LED Safety Antenna was crafted after years of extensive research, development, testing and certification. The final product was engineered as a lighted whip. The whip is up to 8’ long, with a full 360 degrees of light output at up to 8800 lumens and up to 1440 LED chips. The safety antenna is race tested to speeds exceeding 150 MPH and certified for military and aerospace applications.

With the LED Safety Antenna, Buggy Whip Inc. is evolving the industry. The quality of this product has exceeded performance specifications as ISO 4891-2 and ISO 489202 for UV resistance, ASTM D 2671 for chemical and fluid resistance, NASA SP-R-0022A for no degradation over time, and AMS-DTL-23053 for military performance specifications. The potential for Buggy Whip®’s revenue growth and success will grow with the eminent need for vehicle visibility and safety in all applications all across the world.


About Buggy Whip Inc.

In operation since 1967, Buggy Whip Inc. is a manufacturing company that produces the highest quality safety visibility products and is committed to set the standard for the next innovation. Buggy Whip Inc. services all industries for applications of vehicle visibility. The company is renowned in the off road industry, where the need for safety and visibility cross-over to the enthusiasts unique style. Mining and construction sites use the company’s products to ensure their team’s vehicle visibility while working around large equipment. Buggy Whip Inc. aims to provide stellar customer service while evolving the industry requirements.

Products can be viewed and purchased at the newly designed website: www.buggywhip.com or call 760-789-3230.

Deanna McMahon, Media Relations