Racing: Don’t Get Stuck in the Dust

Buggy Whip® Inc. introduces a simple, cost effective way to be seen in the dust! Due to the injuries and fatalities which occur in off-road desert racing due to low lying or stagnant dust, we have developed a simple solution to prevent accidents. Off road racers can use our AMBER colored LED whip in the event of being stuck, broken, or crashed in low visibility areas on the race course. Our Race Safety LED whip can be mounted to the race vehicle, and at the time of an unfortunate event the whip can be illuminated to warn other approaching drivers that there is a vehicle stopped on the race course.

In the event of an accident where the vehicle is overturned, the whip can be auxiliary mounted to the highest point of the vehicle until help arrives. Our whips are bright enough to be seen in the daytime from land or the sky. Making it easier for rescue helicopters to locate injured racers, this helps to get them the fast responding medical attention they need!

This is a more affordable option compared to the Rally Comp and Sentinel devices used by FIA and the Dakar Rally organization. Buggy Whip Inc. puts quality first and strives to be the leader in promoting safety within the off road industry.

Here is a situation where you have an approaching racer car with spectators and participants at risk.

Photo Credit: Camburg Racing, Nitto Tire Driveline