Blake Wilkey Shreds Battle at Primm

San Diego local shredder, Blake Wilkey successfully raced the Battle of Primm in Nevada on February 10-13, 2017 with a 6’ white LED Buggy Whip® mounted to his iconic ‘Megladon’ VW Baja Bug. Built to endure the harshest of elements and racing speeds exceeding 150 mph, Buggy Whip outshines the competition. The whip keeps Blake’s car visible to his pit crew and would maintain his visibility in the event of an accident on the track.

Blake shared his thoughts on how the whip performed during his race:

“The whip performed absolutely flawless from start to finish. No issues at all: threaded it on and flicked a switch and that was it. Quality is nothing short of perfection. Coming from a fabricator's perspective and seeing the detail and craftsmanship, there is no other whip on the market even close to these race-proven whips!

Using it as a task light was my favorite part. I simply unscrewed it and plugged my 8' LED, which I keep in my tool bag. I was able to look over my entire car in between races at night without a generator or task lights. It didn't affect my battery voltage, because of such little draw. Which is surprising for how bright it is even after using it for several hours! It fits into really tight places and is my new form of a task light even at my shop.

What I like most about Buggy Whip Inc. is the humbleness and desire to grow as a whole. Family owned, American made company that is producing nothing shy of the best whip on the market - hands down for years to come. I build quality builds and want nothing but the best quality parts on my rides, so there is no other option other than Buggy Whip Inc!”

Blake shares his run on the race itself:

“Coming into SCORE's Battle at Primm race hosted by King Shocks, I was definitely a little nervous because it was my first ever big race. Knowing my car has been solid on multiple desert trips, and after a light prep, I was confident in having a finishing car! After qualifying decent on Friday morning, the jitters had gone away and I was ready to get back behind the wheel come Saturday.

Sitting on the line next to some really nice proven class one cars and trophy trucks, I realized a dream of mine was about to come true. Racing in the most elite off road classes, it was show time. Green flag waved and we were off! During the race I was constantly looking for the smoothest lines, staying on the gas for as long as I could before braking hard into the corners. Noting where the track had started to develop hazards, adjusted to back off just a little to avoid mistakes or hurting the car. Ran 5 laps super smooth. Crossing the checkered flag in 5th of 13 class one cars on Saturday! Day one was in the books and I couldn't be happier.

My pit team and friends were all super stoked on the finish, and the fact that they could track me with my Buggy Whip to follow me on the course. Huge plus for the both of us! After the race, we had little daylight and immediately dropped the skid plates to looked over everything. We used the Buggy Whip and extended lead I had as a task light. I couldn't have ever expected it to work as well as it did for this job. Fitting it into tight spots and being mobile without a generator and extension cords was epic. Car was solid and we were ready for day two!

Sunday we woke up again ready to run hard and finish. Lined up in the third row on the outside next to a badass trophy truck with many others behind us also ready to race! Started off very well, comfortable and on the gas once again. We had the live feed running on my Instagram for all my followers to watch us throughout the race. Mounted on my MOB ARMOR mount with my I-phone which many really enjoyed! The track was much rougher and deeper in the corners, which made it even more exciting but hazardous. Running another 5 laps hard and very consistent we placed 3rd for the day. Couldn't have asked for a better first race behind the wheel in my underdog car proving to be competitive!

Later when the overall results were posted, we finished 4th! 4th out of 13 class one cars! I'll take it. My King Shocks worked amazing throughout both days. Toyo tires on method wheels hooked up great. PRP seats, harness and window nets were comfy and safe as could be. Rugged radios allowed for perfect communication. Mullenix racing engine was screaming the entire time. KC lights let a few people know I was coming in hot. Next level Motorsports new aluminum work kept the water temp cool and looked amazing while doing it. Buggy Whip Inc for the support getting to the race, and the amazing Whip that let my team know where I was, plus offer me an easy task light to wrench on the car. The end result was a team effort. For everyone who has helped me along the way I can't be more thankful! Looking forward to more racing and fun video edits to come in the near future from Perplexed media and I. We're only getting started!"