Buggy Whip Inc is excited to partner with BFD OFF ROAD in the collaboration of a complete custom build of the new CanAm Maverick X3 XRS. It will be a complete show vehicle with pristine, top of the industry customization. Every component of this Maverick X3 will be upgraded, beginning with the CAGE.

BFD Off Road’s strategy for designing this cage system was to:

  • Accommodate people of all heights
  • Accommodate all fresh air systems
  • Aesthetically make sense with the unique body design
  • Maximize visibility
  • Maintain the bed/storage space
  • Provide ultimate safety while being structurally effective

The cage is fabricated with 1.75’ x .095 DOM rolled roof design. The integrated features to improve safety include increased material thickness on all factory mount points. Full gusseting and plated reinforcement was done at all critical junction points. The bumper was designed to provide rear body protection, additional cage strength and rigidity.

The added customized improvements provide:

  • Increased roof space for helmets, fresh air systems and people of all sizes
  • Heavy duty rear pivot bulkhead provided much needed suspension reinforcement
  • Built in rear gusset/ tie down mount
  • Tabbing for dual whips, radio antenna and light bar
  • Front “V” intrusion bars included (or available without)

Buggy Whip Inc. is excited to showcase the completed custom build at upcoming major industry events. Buggy Whip Inc.’s Maverick X3 will debut at the UTV Invasion at Idaho Dunes RV for Labor Day Weekend. These cars will also wow spectators at the industry’s largest venues for the Sand Sport Super Show, the Off Road Expo and SEMA.

Please contact Russell Langdon at BFD OFF ROAD to discuss custom modifications to your favorite ride.

760-789-5896 : russ@bfdoffroad.com

View a Quick Clip of the Cage

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