Task Light for the Job Site

The LED Buggy Whip® is making a brilliant impression on job sites across the world as customers discover it doubles as a TASK LIGHT.

You work outside. You work hard each day. And you need a dependable product that withstands the same elements you do.

Engineered with the highest quality components, the LED Buggy Whip® is the perfect choice for construction and mining environments.

360 degrees of visibility is great for under equipment and hard to see spaces. The slender design allows it to fit inside mechanical or engine compartments. Don’t worry about grease, fluids or chemicals: it’s designed to resist all that a job site can throw at it. Dirt, dust, weather or elements will not affect the performance.

Our LED Buggy Whip® easily mounts to equipment or vehicles with a nut and washer, and uses a 12 volt power supply. The Quick Release option (QRL03) is a favored mount with its simple use of a locking hitch pin to keep it secure. Remove the Safety Antenna from its mount, attach a power cord lead and you have a brilliant TASK LIGHT!

We showcased our products at the magnificent CONEXPO-CONAGG show in March, where construction and mining professionals raved over its quality and usefulness. We enjoyed helping our customers to see the difference and feel the quality of the components. We are different: this is why our products withstand job sites, mine sites, roadside grime, water, snow and heat. Buggy Whip’s brightness is beyond comparison. It is recognized as a product that will withstand the elements of any work environment.

Quality FEATURES Include:

  • 316 Stainless Steel base, 6061 Aluminum Billet cap, and 100% Exclusive Tubing that ensures:
  • All Weather Resistance
  • Chemical and Fluid Resistance
  • Flame Retardant
  • UV Protection for 10+ years
  • Will Not Degrade or Become Embrittled Over Time
  • Temperature Flexibility: withstands extreme cold and heat
  • Industrial Strength

Vehicles, Equipment and Fleet all need improved VISIBILITY which is paramount for jobsite SAFETY. Available in 8 true colors, up to 8800 lumens with 1440 LEDs, and standard sizes of 2’ 4’ 6’ 8’. We manufacture a size, color and brightness for every application.

Our Team is always available to help meet the needs for your specific industry and application. PLACE YOUR ORDER online or call 760-789-3230 to speak with one of our team members.

Engineered for durability and dependability because our customers are diverse in their applications: Mine Sites, Construction Sites, Equipment Hauling, Equipment Rentals, Road Paving, Highway Marking, Rock Quarries, Cranes, Excavating, Airport Vehicles, Snow Plows, Utilities Installation, Railroads and more.