Tech Tuesday: the LEDs

Buggy Whip’s LEDs : Beyond bright, Brilliantly rad!

This week’s Tech Tuesday illuminates our LED’s

Did you know our LED Whip colors have been specifically selected for certain applications and environments. As we chose our colors, we tested which hues would be best for our customers’ applications.

We currently offer 8 true colors and a Red/White/Blue. Our solid colors have 180 LEDs per foot and give up to 1100 lumen output per foot. Our Red, White & Blue has 240 LEDs per foot. We are the only LED whip with a true pumpkin orange color, and a purple which doubles as a black light.

The quality, color and lumen output of the LEDs are crucial for safety visibility. They need to be bright to keep you safe!

Used as a lighting solution for endless applications, each color is unique to fit your needs.

Mining and Construction applications typically use safety colors of amber, green and white. Our white is beyond bright, to help with night time visibility on job sites.

Government, Rescue and various Municipalities choose the LED Buggy Whip for brightness and trueness of color to identify their vehicles and mark their equipment for visibility.

Off road enthusiasts love all the colors, yet some of the more popular are green, blue, red, and pink. They give style and flair to match their vehicle's color scheme. Our Whips make awesome camp locators on top of RV’s because the colors and brightness are distinctive. 

Did you know that our LED boards have been specifically engineered to withstand a multitude of harsh environments. An example: The LED Buggy Whip is used in extreme applications such as desert racing, where race cars exceed 120 mph and low hanging obstacles are possible. A standout feature of our LEDs: In this extreme application, if one LED was to go out from impact, instead of losing the entire Whip only 3 LEDs would be affected!

It is our goal to keep vehicles and teams visible to ensure their safety. It is our goal to be your lighting solution for your everyday adventures.

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