Exceeding Your Expectations

Harsh Elements? We say “Bring It!”

While we realize you see this picture and cringe at the salt water ALL. OVER. THE CAR… rest assured that she was detailed immediately following the photo shoot. (deep breath…)

We often get asked: Can your whip hold up in water? The LED Buggy Whip was designed to handle the harsh elements. Period.

We use 316 Stainless Steel for the Whip’s base and mount. Chosen for stability and corrosion resistance: 316 is durable, easy-to-fabricate, clean, weld and finish. It is considerably more resistant to solutions of sulfuric acid, chlorides, bromides, iodides and fatty acids at high temperature. It is the preferred steel for use in marine environments because of its greater resistance to pitting corrosion than other grades of steel without molybdenum.

Our outer tubing which protects the LEDs, is 100% proprietary to us. It is formulated to be UV Protected for 10+ years, Chemical & Fluid resistant, Flame Resistant and Self-Extinguishing. It meets NASA’s Low Out-Gassing Requirements, which means it will not degrade or become embrittled over time. It is All Weather Resistant and has an incredible tolerance to Temperature Flexibility (from the middle east deserts to snow).

The LED Buggy Whip is engineered with the highest quality components for industrial strength and durability. Did you know it is meets Military Performance Specs? To keep the Whip balanced and from being top heavy, we use 6061 billet Aluminum for the top. The LED Buggy Whip will stand upright while running a 3x5 flag at top speeds! (or if your job site has crazy winds)

Our color palate is precision designed for day and night safety. With up to 1100 lumens per foot, your vehicle and equipment will be visible and stylish. LED Buggy Whip in Water Tower

So, you have unique climate conditions? We say: Not a problem! It is our goal to not only meet, but exceed our customer's expectations. 

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Buggy Whip: Keeping You Safe Through The Adventure


Photo Credit: UTV Sports Magazine