The Silver State 300 sponsored

Race week is in full swing and it is glorious! For anyone who’s met us here at Buggy Whip Inc., you know our energy level usually sits at a 10, but with race week back and happening, we’re sitting at a 13 all week. The smile is permanently fixed on our faces right now. Things are still unclear for how the rest of the year is going to unfold, but we’re savoring every minute of normalcy and race action we can get.


The Silver State 300 sponsored by Polaris is one of the best races around. Not only is it a tough track, but it’s not a simple lap circuit race. This is a point to point race and the field is stacked. The heat is on - and not just because it’s over 100 degrees here in Las Vegas!


Qualifying took place yesterday and we had a couple of racers repping some Buggy Whips. Justin Lofton, driver of the 41 Trick Truck, sports a bright orange whip. He had a clean run during his Time Trial lap, making the course look easy and his trick truck sing. He qualified in second place and is sure to put on a great show come Saturday. Keep an eye out for his signature orange and the Buggy Whip on the back of his truck.


The other driver sporting a Buggy Whip this weekend is Adrian Orellana, driver of the 1985 UTV, sporting a bright NEW TEAL whip. Adrian is ready to go after arriving in Las Vegas late last night. Seeing all of the other race teams and support crew around the hotels gets us so pumped for an amazing race day! We’re making sure the Buggy Whips are set up just right on these trucks, while the race teams are making sure the vehicles are ready for a stacked and chaotic race on Saturday.


The Buggy Whips that both Justin and Adrian are sporting are our bright line, able to be easily spotted in the middle of the day. These whips are great for any desert racing action or boating. They ensure you’ll always be spotted. Safety is our number one priority and having a Buggy Whip on your vehicle helps other riders and emergency personnel know what they’re looking for.


Since race fans are not allowed at the races this year, make sure you keep up to date with live race updates at the Racing Trax website! This is not going to be a race you want to miss. These athletes have had three months of rest and are itching for that green flag to drop. We can’t wait to watch all the action unfold. Good luck to both Justin and Adrian, Buggy Whip Shredders for Life!