Silver State 300 Race Report 1985

Silver State race report Adrian Orellana 1985

We came into the Silver State 300 ready after our win at this years Mint 400. Long break gave us a chance to do some necessary work on the car and trucks. Also companies to come out with some new products. Buggy Whip gave us an opportunity to run their New Teal Whip instead of our traditional Green 2 foot.    Starting 17th in a tight, dusty, wooded course was going to be tough to pass cars. We had a game plan and I feel like we executed it perfectly. Start of the race we were seeing a wild fire build in the distance and knew it would affect the race. We were told 80 miles would be cut from the race and now we only have 200 miles to make up 9 mins to catch first place. By mile 70 through dust, trees and smoke from fire my crew spotted us with the Teal Buggy whip glimmering through the elements and saw we where now top 10!. We put the pedal down and by mile 140 we were in the top 5. Photographers throughout the course would later tell me it was an awesome Color whip to see out in the wilderness running down the lead pack. 

By the end of the race Race mile 200 we were physical 4th and car was perfect! 

We want to thank Buggy whip for not only making an amazing, reliable product but keeping us safe and Visible in the tightest, wooded, dustiest course I've raced in years!!

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