Silver State 300 Race Report 4472

2020 BITD Silver State 300

 Welcome back to racing in 2020. We should have expected that it wouldn’t go off as easily as other races have, I mean it’s 2020 so bizarre is the new normal right?

After months without racing we were all excited to get back to burning gas and making dust. The day before the race we received word that there was a large wild fire that was burning out of control near the race course and was forcing the organizers to change the route. They moved the start line and cut about 10 miles from the course to keep racers safe and far enough from the firefighters working to get the fire under control. We were the only vehicle in our class as the other vehicles that should have been in our class decided to move to class 1500 (unlimited open wheel vehicles) so they didn’t have to start behind the UTV’s. This proved to be their downfall as they failed to qualify for good starting positions and then pushed too hard because of faster vehicles starting behind them. They all ended up breaking their vehicles and had to quit the race. We knew that starting so deep in the field would mean working our way through traffic. What we didn’t expect was so much dust! It was so thick we could hardly see past the dash in our truck. At that point you become a little less concerned about the race and a little more concerned about safety. Being seen is extremely important. Our 4400 truck was much faster than the vehicles we started behind and faster than the vehicles behind us but we were not able to carry any speed because of the dust. We were only caught by one vehicle from behind and he told us after the race that the only way he saw us was our bright blue whip. Our Buggy Whip saved us, and him, from a possible collision! As the course moved on the wind started to blow the dust off the road and we were able to get back to racing speeds. We discovered at our fist pit for fuel that our radio was not working well and our crew could not hear us announcing that we were approaching. Once again the Buggy Whip became a valuable asset as our crew could easily recognize us as we came in. Other than stopping once for fuel we had zero issues and continued to pick off 1 car every few miles. We came into what would have been our last fuel stop at mile 220 of 300 and we got the checkered flag. It turns out the fire was threatening to cross a major highway and if it had it would have burned through the area where the race would have finished. BITD made another hard decision and stopped the race short for everyone’s safety. Being the only team in the class sucked but we beat the other trucks that decided to move and we were official finishers making us officially winners as well. Hopefully the other teams learned their lesson and will come race against us at the next one.


All in all we had a great race and tons of fun. It was great to be back in the desert and doing what we love to do! We want to thank all of our crew that was there to support us and all of our great partners like Buggy Whip, Milestar Tires, Fuel Wheels, Warn, Texas Speed and Baja Designs