Vegas to Reno Qualifying

Vegas to Reno Qualifying

As the sun sets over the Apex, Nevada mountains, trick trucks around the qualifying grounds
roared to life. Headlights turned on and, for those lucky enough to be running one, the Buggy
Whip lit up. As this qualifying round was being held at night, running a buggy whip only served
to provide more light and help a driver be more identifiable.

In one of the biggest off road races ever held, some of the biggest names in off road are lining
up, eager to cross that finish line. With drivers like Bryce Menzies, Rob Maccachren, and Justin
Lofton, this is a stacked race. It is sure to be an entertaining race to watch. They all qualified
yesterday night and are excited to start their engines tomorrow.

With trick trucks sporting four-wheel drive, big block engines, and many other personalizations
attempting to pull every last shred of power out of the vehicle, races come down to driving
ability. Even a small mistake can cost you a race. With a brutal course like the V2R track, it can
cause complete chaos.

The one thing that can hold a driver back is the weather. It’s a force of nature and causes a lot
of obstacles for drivers. While the Vegas to Reno landscape promises to bring scorching
temperatures and clear skies, the qualifying event wasn’t as clear. The air was covered in dirt
kicked up by previous drivers.

It made it incredibly difficult to determine which vehicle was racing by you. Justin Lofton was
one of the only trick truck drivers sporting a Buggy Whip last night and it made it exceptionally
easy to spot him. His signature orange and white stood out among the dark landscape. We
always knew when Justin was coming our way.

The dirt clung to the air, making the lights dance and play tricks with everyone’s mind. There
were more than a few stumbles over some larger rocks while walking. Imagine having to deal
with that while behind a thousand pound metal vehicle going as fast as it can! Thankfully, it was
a smooth qualifying round and everyone got back to their hotels safely.

Justin ended up qualifying 17th for the Vegas to Reno race. While he may not be starting at the
front of the pack, Justin’s known for his aggressive driving skills and love of speed. We don’t
expect him to stay that far back for long! The longest race in the United States will be kicking off
this Friday, August 14th.

If you want to catch the 2020 Maxxis Tires “Casey Folks” Vegas to Reno race live, make sure to
check out Racing Trax’s feed. They will be streaming the day of the race. If you see Justin’s
Buggy Whip, snap a photo and tag us on social media! We are planning a surprise
announcement in the few weeks and want to see who can guess what it is.