Labor Day #Sandsale

With the cancellation of most of the events, we aren’t able to see you in person this year. That
was seriously bumming us out. We look forward to seeing all of our customers during the events
we attend every year. We were racking our brains, trying to figure out how we could still
celebrate all of our amazing customers and we came up with the Sandsale.

That’s right - the Sandsale. A super mega sale including over ten different companies
happening September 4th - 7th. If you’ve ever wanted to pick up some killer gear from Ride
Now Powersports, Power Tank, Proline Wraps, Boxo USA, SDR Motorsports, Raceline Wheels,
PCI Race Radios, Assault Industries, Pro Eagle, Savage UTV, Shreddy Lyfe, Baja Designs, and
of course, Buggy Whip Inc., this weekend is the time to do it.

Sandsale is an online exclusive megasale with some of your favorite brands. This is the first
time Buggy Whip Inc. has ever offered an online sale. Since we aren’t able to see you in person,
we thought we’d bring the killer deals to you! We don’t know if this sale will be hosted again, so
don’t miss out!

You’ll get a killer deal on some serious products, all ready to help you shred in the sand. This
sale is available Labor Day weekend, but don’t miss out! We’ve got some new products heading
your way. This is literally the best sale of the year to get everything necessary for a fun day in
the desert.

If you spend over $100 during this sale, you’ll walk away with 10% off! Anything over $500
qualifies for 15% off and $1,000 or more qualifies for a full 20% off. Again, this is the first time
we are ever having a sale like this and there’s no telling if it’ll happen again. These deals are
online exclusive sales only. Make sure to use #SANDSALE in order to qualify for these
discounts. Stay safe. Shop from home. Get your Buggy Whip on Labor Day weekend!