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LED Lighted Whips for Extreme Off-Roading

Globally, Power Sports is in excess of $5.5 billion each year and growing. With faster and more exciting equipment being released, there is a UTV, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, Off Road Car, Sand Car, Boat, Jeep, Truck or Race Car to fit your needs and excitement level. Manufacturing the correct product for your Power Sports activity is what Buggy Whip Inc specializes in. Whether you ride in the woods under the trees, in the sand over giant bowls, or even in the snow: we have you covered.

With 8 true colors and a brightness level up to 8800 Lumens to keep you visible. Standard heights of 2ft., 4ft., 6ft., 8ft., or a custom size: Buggy Whip Inc manufactures to meet your need. Our LED whips can withstand speeds in excess of 150 MPH. Our 100% proprietary tubing is engineered for strength and resistance to weather, UV, chemicals, fluids, dirt, dust, fungus and flame.