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Construction is a $10.3 trillion industry globally and is home to some of the largest projects. For example the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City: stretching over 3.60 miles (5.8 Kilometers). With thousands of contractors on job sites, heavy equipment and multiple moving pieces ensuring visibility day or night is key to your safety.

Since 1967, Buggy Whip Inc has produced the highest quality industry leading products for safety. Built to go beyond your expectations, and withstand the harsh elements of the site environments. Our revolutionary LED safety antenna is highest quality engineered from top to bottom. 100% proprietary tubing engineered for strength and resistance to weather, UV, chemicals, fluids, dirt, dust, fungus and flame. Doubles as a full length Task Light: illuminating up to 8 feet long, with a full 360 degrees of light output, using only 12 volts. Up to 8800 lumens of brightness and 8 colors to choose from, we manufacture a antenna for your application.