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#1 Leading Safety LED Whip

Buggy Whip is the original and longest running safety whip manufacture in the world that was founded on the basis that there is a critical need for advanced well-engineered and dependable products for worksite safety. Clients have Depended on Buggy Whip to keep their worksite safe. Buggy Whip products are unmatched in performance, durability, reliability and availability. Manufactured in the USA since 1967 Buggy Whip is known as the most recognized and requested safety antenna in the world as well as Global leader in exceptional product quality and dependability for 54 years.

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Buggy Whip


We keep you visible day and night
Buggy Whip
  • Billet aluminum top 6061 Aircraft grade
  • Superior Visability Up to 8800 lumens of light
  • Precisionly designed colors Spectrum of colors are unmatched
  • 100% Exclusive Tubing Engineered for the harshest environments
  • All Weather Resistant Designed to withstand the challenges of your unique climate conditions
  • Flame Retardant With superior impact & abrasion resistance per UL VW-1
  • Chemical and fluid resistant No breakdown of wall integrity, tubing will not absorb or soften per ASTM D 2671
  • UV Protected for 10+ years per Weather-Ometer Resistance ISO 4891-2, ISO 489202
  • Industrial strength Military and Aerospace grade approved Meets AMS-DTL-23053 and NASA SP-R-0022A
  • Durable Design Withstands speeds in excess of 150 mph
  • 100% 316 Stainless Steel A molybdenum an alloy which drastically enhances corrosion resistance, especially in more saline or chloride-exposed environments
  • Marine Grade Stainless It is the preferred steel for use in marine environments because of its greater resistance to pitting corrosion
  • Superior Design Engineered to perfection with unmatched design and precision cut engraving
  • Meets certifications DFARS - AMA - 5648

Buggy Whip® Inc. Products most used in Mining

Why Buggy Whip?

Safety is the number one concern with mining sites running 24 hours a day in vastly different environments. You need a product developed to work in each scenario and a product that is dependable so that your team is always safe and a near miss is just that, a near miss not a tragedy. Manufactured in the United States of America Since 1967 Buggy Whip continues to be the leader in innovation and product development for the safety and lighting industries.

Brightness is a key feature of the Buggy Whip Led Whip with the range of light output from 1100 to 2200 lumens per foot, being visible day and night is possible and necessary for keeping your team safe. With our development in the Buggy Whip LED Chips the Buggy Whip LED became more than a safety whip it became a necessary tool as it can be used as a task light for working on equipment and providing light for hard to see areas or late-night repairs.

Colors are necessary to provide a healthy work environment as day turns to night as changes in the weather happen different color Buggy Whips will make for that safer working environment. Buggy Whip can manufacture colors and variations to make sure that your site is running as efficiently as it can. An example of this would be The Buggy Whip Green/White LED Whip this color combination provides multiple benefits, the Green LED on top provides a light that is visible in the day and night. The Green color provides the most affected way of cutting through all environment changes and weather conditions. While the White LED on the bottom provides a 30-50’ 360 degrees of work light weather you’re the first to arrive on site and need to unlock a gate or need to stop and work on a task the 30-50’ radius will keep you safely visible and provide working light for your task without having to pull out additional tools saving time and efficiency. Buggy Whip currently offers more than 18 colors available to ship at a moment’s notice with 2 different brightnesses and can customer manufacture any combination your site needs. Different colors will provide knowledge to a mine site and those that work on them. Each Job might use a Buggy Whip LED to identify an individual or a potential job or hazard.

Buggy Whip has innovated additional features in which you can add extra safety to your site. With the Buggy Whip LED top light, this top light feature can be added to provide a strobing light to the top of your Buggy Whip with multiple colors available for the top light while the Buggy Whip LED be entirely a different color. Once again providing more safety to your team and more effective ways to be seen.

Buggy Whip believes your time is the most valuable asset you have with Buggy Whip break downs and equipment failures are not an option. If a buggy Whip was to fail not only is your safety at jeopardy but your time for the repair is even more affected Buggy Whip manufactures the product to never fail and work no matter the condition it may be put through. With our extensive testing and product development we have added features such as: UV resistance, Fire retardant, cut resistance, chemical and fluid resistant, military and aerospace approved, 316 stainless steel, 6061 billet aluminum. Buggy Whip LED Whips work in all environments from -55 Celsius to 1540 degrees Fahrenheit providing the confidence needed to work for the application that is required. Buggy Whip takes your safety to another level making sure that the trust and confidence you have put into us for over 54 years does not fail so our product does not either.

Manufacturing the Buggy Whip product line in the USA provides us the opportunity to have products available no matter what may be happening around the world. It gives the opportunity to manufacture the product you need no matter what it is you're looking for. With Buggy whip, unlike our competitors, you can purchase directly from our site with easy navigation and the ability to add the product you need directly to your cart you can buy in confidence that each piece you need to complete your order is available and clear. Buggy Whip has advanced electrical connections unlike our competitors our products do not require external connections to work. Buggy Whip is easily removed from its mount in one swift action with no need to unplug additional connections all while being 100% waterproof. This gives your team the confidence it needs to know there is no additional piece that will fail as our competitors have done. Buggy Whip has innovated 3 base options that give the ability to make sure the product fits the necessary requirements for the application it will be used in. The Buggy Whip base options are: Threaded, Quick Release (no Moving Parts), OTTO release, the most advanced technology to be developed.

Buggy Whip backs every product we produce as we have stated failure is not an option however if somehow something does happen you can purchase in confidence that your product is back by Buggy Whip with us taking care of a manufacturer's defects for the life you own the product, we won’t ever leave you in a situation were your team does not have the safest and most advanced product in the world working at all times for you.

Buggy Whip manufactures the LED whip in multiple heights 2’,4’,6’,8’ and each of these heights is the height of the LEDs them self for example the 6’ LED whip is actually 6’7” providing the ability to make sure there is an available option so that height requirement is met for the application. Our standard fiberglass whips are available in heights 3’,5’,8’,10’,12’ the advantage to Buggy Whip is that the heights listed are simple that just what we stock for immediate shipment we can manufacture any height the application requires between our standard height giving the advantage to make sure the product meets the application requirements. Buggy Whip only manufactures the highest quality, most advanced products available. We do not offer entry level products. Each product manufacturer for its required application is designed and tested extensively so that it will meet and exceed the expectation you have. When Buggy Whip is on the mine site its safety first and keeping the mine site safe and efficient is what Buggy Whip has dedicated its mission to since 1967 providing the confidence in the product to meet all the requirements to complete the task at hand.