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With 640 Million acres of federal land, the BLM is tasked with keeping the land open and maintained for enjoyment of power sports or nature activities. Since 1967, Buggy Whip Inc has produced the highest quality industry leading products for government vehicle applications. Designed to ensuring visibility and identification of official and rescue vehicles. Built to go beyond your expectations, and withstand the harsh elements of the site environments.

Our Latest LED safety antenna is highest quality engineered from top to bottom. 100% proprietary tubing designed for strength and resistance to weather, UV, chemicals, fluids, dirt, dust, fungus and flame. Doubles as a full length Task Light: illuminating up to 8 feet long, with a full 360 degrees of light output, using only 12 volts. Up to 8800 lumens of brightness and 8 colors to choose from, we manufacture an antenna for the application.