About Buggy Whip 


Since 1967, Buggy Whip Inc. has brought our customers the highest quality engineered products.

With the surge in demand for innovative safety products, Buggy Whip Inc was able to gauge the need, and go beyond to surpass the industry standards. 50 years of becoming a household name yielded a gateway into developing a revolutionary safety product: our LED Safety Antenna. Our product saves lives --- we keep you visible day and night!

Industries such as Mining, Construction and Off Road have an obligation to keep their teams visible and safe. Buggy Whip Inc. brings a trusted product for a requirement that cannot be compromised.

Think Safe. Work Safe. Be Safe.

Buggy Whip began with an idea to bring a safer way of working on construction and mining sites, with a cross-over to our family’s love of off-road and our long history of racing. Our goal was to create a product that would withstand the harsh elements of mining and construction, while being durable enough to last for years. What started with a shaft, flag and light became the “Buggy Whip”. And to this day, we still make this flagship product.

Three generations have skillfully crafted these products. Fifty Years brings a new momentum for our Evolution.

  • It is our mission to ensure our customer's expectation of excellence will always be exceeded.
  • It is our purpose to set the standard for the next innovation.
  • It is our vision to evolve the industry.