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Be the skipper of the safest boat on the water with America's #1 Boating Safety Whip! Buggy Whip LED Safety Whips give you peace of mind and confidence - so you can play hard and stay safe! Get your LED Safety Whips ready to go and set sail! Buggy Whip products are unmatched in performance, durability, reliability and availability. Manufactured in the USA since 1967. Buggy Whip is known as the most recognized and requested safety antenna in the world as well as Global leader in exceptional product quality and dependability for 54 years.

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Buggy Whip's Exclusive

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We keep you visible day and night
Buggy Whip
  • Billet aluminum top 6061 Aircraft grade
  • Superior Visability Up to 17,600 lumens of light
  • Precisionly designed colors Spectrum of colors are unmatched
  • 100% Exclusive Tubing Engineered for the harshest environments
  • All Weather Resistant Designed to withstand the challenges of your unique climate conditions
  • Flame Retardant With superior impact & abrasion resistance per UL VW-1
  • Chemical and fluid resistant No breakdown of wall integrity, tubing will not absorb or soften per ASTM D 2671
  • UV Protected for 10+ years per Weather-Ometer Resistance ISO 4891-2, ISO 489202
  • Industrial strength Military and Aerospace grade approved Meets AMS-DTL-23053 and NASA SP-R-0022A
  • Durable Design Withstands speeds in excess of 150 mph
  • 100% 316 Stainless Steel A molybdenum an alloy which drastically enhances corrosion resistance, especially in more saline or chloride-exposed environments
  • Marine Grade Stainless It is the preferred steel for use in marine environments because of its greater resistance to pitting corrosion
  • Superior Design Engineered to perfection with unmatched design and precision cut engraving
  • Meets certifications DFARS - AMA - 5648

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