Meeting military, NASA and aerospace certifications, our LED Buggy Whips are manufactured to endure the harshest environments globally and can withstand speeds in excess of 150 mph.
Regulations state that safety whips must extend at least 8 feet up from the ground, The size whip you choose depends on your application. We have standard lengths of 2 ft, 4 ft. 6 ft and 8 ft. We can also custom make any length LED Buggy Whip you desire, from one inch up to 8 feet.
The threaded base on our LED Buggy Whip has a 1 inch ½ 20 external threaded piece that can be attached to your vehicle in two ways. It can be attached either directly using the washer and hex nut provided, or it can be easily screwed into a threaded quick mount already installed onto your vehicle. While it is not absolutely necessary to purchase our QM2 mount with your threaded LED Buggy Whip, it is highly advisable that you do. Our products are manufactured with high grade 316 steel and are machined for a precision fit. Other mounts may be compatible with the threaded base, but you may be taking a risk of misthreading, having an ill fit, or damaging the whip base. All products must be flush mounted with no threads exposed. Improper installation will void the warranty. The quick release base model of our LED Buggy Whip does not have any threading and must be secured to your vehicle with our QRL03 mount using a locking hitch pin.
Our LED Buggy Whips will work with any 12V power source, however you will need check the amount of amperage you have available for your application. The average amperage that the whips can draw depends on the size and color of the LED Buggy Whip and the amount of voltage your vehicle outputs.
Our warranty is one year against manufacturing defects, however we have been in business for 50 years and pride ourselves on being there for our customers and are available to address your specific situation.
Yes! The advantage of buying from Buggy Whip® Inc. is that we are very open to our customer’s individual needs. We can custom make your whip anywhere from 1 inch to 8 feet in length and are open to any unique design requests such as custom engraving and colored anodized tops. Please fill out our custom order form to share your ideas of what it is you are looking for.

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